How to Pamper Your Mom This Mother’s Day

Your mother is the one person who loved you before she knew you – before you even came into this world. She’s the person who raised you, wiped away your tears and is a constant source of support. These superwomen deserve our appreciation and affection every single day of our lives but Mother’s Day gives us an excuse to show some extra love and pampering. If you’re frantically thinking, “What do I get my mom for Mother’s Day?” we’ve got you covered. Here are a few mothers’ day celebration ideas that could be potential pampering gifts for mom.

Don’t Let Her Lift a Finger

Let’s start with the home turf. That means no cooking, no cleaning, and no chores of any kind. Being a mom is a full-time job, whether she’s a working mom or a homemaker. Today is her day, and she deserves a day off to relax. Bring your mom breakfast in bed or deliver flowers to her along with a handwritten note. We bet she would love that.

Cook for Her

Remember taking a lunchbox to school and college that your mom packed for you every morning? She also has dinner ready when you’re back from work. It’s time you returned the favour. Take over the kitchen duties for the day (or the week if you can) and make all her favourite dishes. If you’re a novice, start out simple like a pasta casserole. You could also invite the whole family and try out some of your mom’s delicious recipes together. And don’t forget dessert!

Plan an Afternoon Just for Her

Our moms are always busy taking care of us and more often than not, their lives take a backseat. She deserves a day off to do all her favourite things.  Take your mom out shopping and let her indulge herself with some retail therapy. Or take her to the park or beach to rest and recharge. Or would she prefer to sip on some infused tea at a chic café? Whatever your mom’s interest, take the initiative to plan her this special day for her.

Take Her to the Spa

Juggling professional and personal responsibilities can be tiring. Pamper your mother to a day at a spa. Pre-book a relaxing massage, facial, hair treatment and throw in a mani-pedi for good measure. If you are not in the mood to let your mom step out, you and your mum could try out some DIY masks and hair treatments.

Gift Her a Holiday

Wouldn’t it be nice to take your mom away on holiday for some mother’s day pampering? Plan a trip to a destination she has always wanted to visit or walk down the memory lane with her by going back to her home town. If time is a concern, you could do a day’s trek or a weekend by the beach at a nearby resort.  Whatever activity fits her style makes sure you involve the entire family to come up with some fun mother’s day celebration ideas.

Buy Her Some Jewellery

If you’re still in a dilemma about what to get your mom this Mother’s Day, gift her stunning piece of jewellery. For the person who has had your back since day one, why not gift her a special moment in the form of a necklace? For the working mom, explore the versatile and sophisticated Zephyr Collection. For the simple mom, gift her a set from the Silver Collection. A new mom would love her children’s gemstones in a necklace. If you can’t decide, here are is our curated collection of Mother’s Day Jewellery.

Diamond Peacock Studs

Enchanting Diamond Peacock Studs

Pearl Studs

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Now that we have listed out some of our favourite Mother’s Day celebration ideas, we hope they inspire you to come up with some pampering gifts for mom that will win you the title of World’s Best Child. If you decide to gift her jewellery, head over to Gehna for finely handcrafted jewellery that she would love to flaunt. You can also check out our detailed blog on tips to keep in mind while buying jewellery.


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