How to Accessorise any Outfit with a Quintessential Ring

Rings might be small, but they could be the difference between a stylish outfit and an outdated look. A beautiful ring is like the cherry on top of a cake; your look just isn’t complete without it. Whether you’re headed out to work or are getting ready for a night at the club, there’s always a ring that will accentuate your outfit. So if you think your slender fingers deserve a little bling, here are our tips for accessorising your outfit with the perfect ring.

Accessorise for the Occasion

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Every ring is beautiful in its own way, but there are some that are better suited for specific occasions. Huge chunky rings go perfectly with high heels when you’re out for a party, but they don’t do so well in the board room. When you’re at work, try to choose minimalist, delicate rings that look polished and elegant. More risqué rings that bring out your rebellious side are better suited for casual meetups with your friends.

Use Statement Rings for a Show Stopping Look

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When you want to put together a bold look that will make you the most stylish person in the room, all you need is a big, striking ring. Statement rings are meant to create a sensation so don’t be afraid to push the envelope. These rings come in many different styles but they are all sure to become the focal point of your outfit. You could get a single large stone, a uniquely shaped ring or one that sparkles bright enough to light up the whole room. When you choose to wear a statement ring, make sure the rest of your look is muted so your ring can take center stage.

Don’t try to Match Everything

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When you’re choosing a ring, don’t get hung up on picking one that perfectly matches the rest of your outfit. Sometimes you need to break the monotony to create a unique look. If you’re wearing a green dress, green earrings and a green ring, your ring isn’t going to stand out. However, if you choose a plain gold ring or a blue ring, it will catch people’s attention. The same goes for picking patterns. It can be tempting to choose similar patterns to make your jewellery look like a set, but sometimes, a little chaos is a good thing.

Coordinate the Size of your Ring with your other Accessories

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When you’re picking out the perfect ring, you need to find one that will make your overall outfitlook cohesive, not cluttered. If you’re wearing big chunky bracelets along with a bold statement ring, the two accessories will clash. This makes your outfit look confused and too jarring. Instead, make sure your ring and the rest of your accessories balance each other out. If you’re wearing large bangles, choose a delicate ring to accentuate it. If, on the other hand, you’re wearing a thin bracelet or nothing at all on your wrist, you can accessorise with a big, bold statement ring.

Play Around with Stackable Rings

Stackable rings give you a virtually limitless opportunity to mix and match your rings. Stackable ring sets often come with three or more rings, each with their own pattern, but with a common design element running through them. You can build your own set following the same principles. Experiment with different types of rings, but make sure there’s something common among all of them. It could be the metal used or the stone that embellishes them. Pairing textured rings also adds an unusual element to your stacked rings. Textured rings have distinctive hammered patterns on their surface which set them apart. When you’re stacking rings, it’s also important that you find the perfect balance of large rings and delicate ones. Too many heavy rings will make your set look confused. You can even use midi rings which are beautiful to look at and very unusual.

Make Sure your Ring Fits Perfectly

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Looking for a ring can be exciting; however, there are a few points to keep in mind while buying jewellery. Comfort is key when you’re choosing a ring for yourself. If your ring is too tight, it can be close to impossible to remove it. Tight rings can also be painful and cut off your circulation, which is definitely too high a price to pay for the sake of fashion. On the other end of the spectrum, rings that are too loose are dangerous too. These can fall off at any moment, which is especially risky if they’re valuable. Always pick a ring that is tight enough so it won’t fall off, but not so tight that it cuts into your skin.

Rings are one of the most versatile pieces of jewellery you can own. They add a little something extra to your outfit and make your fingers look more slender and feminine. If you’re looking for intricately crafted, distinctive accessories, visit Gehna. Our jewellery is handcrafted with immense skill and love, so you always get exceptional pieces of jewellery that accentuate your own beauty. To read more about how we customize jewellery for you, read our blog Handcrafted to Perfection-A Closer Look Into the Art of Jewellery Making.


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