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Gold Nose Pin

A nose pin has evolved over the past many years. From traditional occasions to modern outfits, it has found a place for itself everywhere. With the right nose pin, you can add character to your look and discover that unique style that speaks, well, you. Do your online jewellery shopping at Gehna, where you can find the perfect nose ring or a nose pin to match your every style for every occasion.

The traditional nose pins come in gold. Gehna uses 22K gold to handcraft a nosepin that amplifies your beauty. The gold nose pin makes you look every bit pretty and Indian that you are.

If you love your diamonds, then our jewellery designers have a collection of nose pins for you that will take your breath away. A nose pin or nose ring studded with the ruby stone exudes sophistication, luxury, and elegance. You will keep finding reasons to combine it to your outfits. The shine of 22K gold and the pristine sparkle of a diamond nose pin will brighten even the dullest of days.

Want something genuinely unique? Then, go for the emerald nosepin. It is the perfect blend of tradition and your personal style.

Gehna offers so many unique designs to choose from. Browse everything from understated styles to bold statement jewellery. From gold to diamonds to emeralds, you can get the nose ring or the nose pin you desire - only at Gehna.