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925 Sterling Silver Jewellery

Silver has a special place in our jewellery boxes. It is our go-to jewellery. It is understated and beautiful. The metallic shine goes well with many stones. That is the reason that silver jewellery can be worn to a fun party, to the office, a brunch, and to a state dinner. No matter where you are going, and what you are looking for, Gehna has many interesting pieces for you to add to your collection.

Pick out your favourites from the many designs of sterling silver jewellery. We pair silver with rose quartz, purple amethyst, pale blue topaz, purple amethysts, and many more gems to produce unique pieces. Our silver pieces have moods of their own. Don the silver jewellery with the mood you are in and flaunt away.

You can choose between silver earrings and jhumkas depending on the occasion. While the earrings may be better suited to a formal setting, the jhumkas will make you shine in more traditional attire. Wear silver earrings with silver pendants and bracelets. These pieces from our online jewellery collection are equally stunning and the perfect match for your earrings and jhumkas.

Gehna celebrates silver, giving the versatile metal its due. The sheer variety is amazing. But, each piece holds its own. Each of them is unique in their own right. So, if you are a silver lover just like us, then you have reached the right online jewellery store. Here is some of the best silver jewellery you will ever find.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is genuine silver?

Pure silver which is 99.9% percent silver is too soft a metal to be made into jewellery or any other durable objects. Therefore, 925 Sterling silver is what is used to make exquisite silver jewellery such as Silver Bracelets, earrings and pendants. It contains 92.5% silver and 7.5% alloy of other metals excluding nickel.

Is 925 Sterling Silver good quality?

Yes, 925 silver is the best quality silver that can be made into jewellery and other objects. It is nickel free and has been certified to be the highest quality silver used for jewellery. 99.9% silver which is pure silver, is too soft a metal and therefore cannot be used.

Can you wear Silver every day?

Yes, you can wear silver every day. Silver is lighter, more affordable and durable, perfect for everyday wear. Silver is not easily oxidized if used regularly and it is the best way to keep them shiny and good as new. It is however recommended to avoid wearing them in chlorinated water, while bathing and in touch with any chemicals. Here are some tips on Styling Silver Jewelry for Office Wear.

Does real Silver turn black?

Yes, real silver jewellery will often turn black or green over a period of time. The silver in the jewellery reacts with hydrogen sulphide that is found in air and therefore turns black. It is easy to clean away the oxidization. For example, oxidized silver earrings can also be caused due to excessive exposure to water, sweat or chemicals found in make-up and other self-care products. If the silver does not turn black, it is not genuine. You can read our blog for Silver Jewelry Care Tips

Is 925 Sterling Silver jewellery worth anything?

Yes, real 925 Sterling Silver Jewellery is valuable. Along with gold and platinum, sterling silver is considered a fine metal and has value. However, exact worth fluctuates with market conditions as any other precious metal would. Any 925 silver jewellery with a certification definitely has value.