Be Trendy, Be You!

Be trendu be you

And a new year is upon us with a promise to be exciting, prosperous, and of course trendy! What better way to welcome the New Year with Gehna, than a comprehensive look at what will place you right on top of that list of the chic and stylish?

Trends in apparel and accessories are what the wearer makes of them. While we attempt to keep you, as prized clientele, abreast of what the fashion industry considers hip, we do recommend that at the end of the day, each of us carries a personal sense of style. Use these trends to enhance your already established look, or break from the conventional and embrace these derniers cris.  The choice is yours, but the prerogative to promise you our undying support with your style quotient is Gehna’s.

  • Stack ‘em up!

Perhaps the easiest and most versatile of what is to be expected in 2016 is the stacked bracelet/bangle look. Adorn your wrists with chunky cuffs or assorted bangles to rock this look. Don’t shy away from experimenting with varying colours and precious metals and/or gemstones. Slip on to your wrist, as many pieces as you own for that immensely chic bohemian look. Be mindful of not overdoing this trend by wearing stacks on both wrists; pick one and jingle away!


  • And pearls are back!

We missed them so! But the focus is back on these elegant gemstones. Versatile as they are, 2016 promises to further enhance the adaptability of the gorgeous pearl. Play with varying hues of pink, black, and the quintessential white. Combine beautifully large pearls with tiny glittering diamonds in bold earrings. String interesting shades of pearls together and wear them around your neck in a quirky knotted pattern. We assure you, you will make heads turn! And while we are at it, have you seen our take on the pearl trend with these gorgeously lacquered mother of pearl beads?


  • Neck and Neck

You cannot go wrong with the style you pick for your neck this season. If long beaded chains are oh-so-trendy, so are bold collars. Layer long and slender chains with beads or with attention grabbing big pendants in minimalist fashion. Or make a statement with stiff collars of gold and silver with accents and single medallions for added oomph. Both trends lend themselves beautifully to Indian ethnic jewellery with haarams and chokers with tribal pendants. Visit our store to know how you can make this style your own!


  • Asymmetry is key

We know you can pull it off! Try and dangle a large, but single earring from your preferred lobe for a quirky yet chic fashion statement. Alternate large gold and silver beads on a long hooked earring for a more versatile appeal. Or perhaps recreate a peacock feather with precious gemstones and let it steal the show! If being unconventional is your mantra, this trend is for you!


  • Colour me!!

We don’t like to boast, but we think we deserve a pat on our backs for predicting and launching this jewellery trend long before the fashion industry caught up with it. Colours! Hues! Vibrancy! It is all about colour this season. Single bold colours, or multihued gemstones all set in one piece. Our Zephyr Collection in light weight gold stands proud testament to this gorgeous trend. For a little more drama, try colour blocking with opposing colours of the colour wheel. Amethyst earrings with a yellow outfit… Or Turquoise and Emeralds in the same earrings… the world of colours is your oyster, or should we say, your pallete?

BeFunky Collage4

  • Never say Die…

Trends may come and trends may go, but ornate and baroque stay forever! Intricacy is celebrated all over again! Fine filigree work, Edwardian grandeur, intricate jadau and nakash craftsmanship… these are eternal favourites and our team at Gehna is particularly adept at designing and creating some of the finest baroque ornaments you will ever find. Choose your piece and let it stand alone to make a statement. Diamond Edwardian chandeliers or delicate filigree danglers, maybe an irresistible nakash necklace… it is all about grandeur in design!

BeFunky Collage5

Inspired yet? Call us @ +91-98407 02969 schedule an appointment, and see how we can help you name one or all of these styles as your own! Browse through our exciting range of products and connect with us to customize anything you like to your tastes and preferences! Here’s to a happy and trendy 2016!!


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Be Trendy, Be you!
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Be Trendy, Be you!
And a new year is upon us with a promise to be exciting, prosperous, and of course trendy! What better way to welcome the New Year with Gehna, than a comprehensive look at what will place you right on top of that list of the chic and stylish?
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