Elegant Emerald Jewellery for a Taurus Woman

There are 12 signs in the Zodiac, each with their own distinct characteristics. If you are born between 20 April and 21 May, you fall under the bold and beautiful Taurus sign. An Earth sign ruled by Venus, Taureans very much live in a material realm. As a strong Taurus woman, you love beautiful things, and an expression of this is most certainly beautiful jewellery. Your birthstone, the emerald, is the perfect mirror to your feminine, and sensual nature.

You might notice some of the classic Taurean traits running strong through your personality.  We have some exquisite emerald jewellery to reflect every nuance of your zodiac.


Despite their reputation for being aggressive and stubborn, Taureans love to take time off to get away from the daily grind to relax and enjoy life.

Inspired by a gentle breeze, the Zephyr Collection perfectly compliments a Taurus woman’s easy-going personality.

Verdant Peridot Gold Danglers

Verdant Peridot & 18K Yellow Gold Danglers


A Taurus woman’s personality is commonly associated with independence and self-reliance. Being the Bull of the zodiac, Taureans are hardworking and resilient. They are self-starters and go-getters and dislike relying on others for help, but would rather create their own path.

This emerald nose pin would emphasise her strength and resilience while making a bold statement.

Emerald 22K Gold Nosepin

Pleasing Emerald 22K Gold Nosepin


While this quality is not always often associated with a Taurean, there are several of them who are shy and introverted and open up to you once you’ve gained their trust. Until then you won’t be privy to their innermost thoughts.

This suave emerald 18k gold necklace makes for a simple yet elegant accessory for the quiet and reserved Taurus woman.

Emerald Yellow Gold Necklace

Suave Emerald & 18K Yellow Gold Necklace


Taurus women value nature and aesthetic beauty. They inspire and stimulate her artistic side. Whether she’s clicking pictures, painting, drawing or sculpting, a Taurus woman is full of creativity and loves to surround herself with objects that are pleasing to look at.

Gift your Taurus woman these printed pearl emerald bead earrings to bring out her creative side.

Pearl & Emerald Bead Gold

Exquisite Printed Pearl & Emerald Bead Gold & Silver Earrings


A Taurean is passionate in everything they do, and this quality encompasses their worth ethic, family and friendships and romantic relationships. They always strive to do their best and put in effort especially when it involves something close to their heart. Many would consider Taurians to be stubborn and aggressive because of this, but it is only their passionate side coming through.

To match their fiery and passionate personality, this collection of ruby and emerald jewellery combines to reflect these qualities.

Sapphires, Emeralds & Ruby 18K Gold Earrings

Whimsical Blue Sapphires, Emeralds & Ruby 18K Gold Earrings


A Taurus woman is well-known for practical nature and is often called upon by her friends and family for advice or a second opinion. Taureans are grounded in their beliefs and opinions and someone you can rely on and turn to in troubled times.

If you’re looking for some emerald jewellery to match a Taurian’s practical side, get her some stacked rings that are sure to appeal to her minimalist style. You can also read our blog on how to accessorise any outfit with a quintessential ring.

Gold Stacking Rings


Heavenly Blue Sapphire, Emerald, Rubies, RBC Diamond & Gold Stacking Rings


Ruled by the sensuous Venus, a Taurus woman is feminine and charming. Anchored by the Earth element, they are all about sensuality and seeking out pleasure. Whether they’re indulging themselves with a luxurious massage, cooking an elaborate romantic meal for their significant other or shopping for their loved ones, a Taurus loves feeling present in the moment. They enjoy experiencing the finer things in life and love sharing them with you.

These statement emerald earrings are intricately designed pieces of emerald jewellery that will perfectly highlight and compliment a Taurus woman’s grace and femininity.

Emerald Silver and Gold Studs

Theatrical Emerald Silver and Gold Studs

Taureans are known to be fiercely independent; so this month celebrate your individuality by choosing from Gehna’s exquisite emerald jewellery collection.

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