6 Jewellery Trends to Watch out for in 2018

Are you all set to meet the year decked up in the latest styles? If you’re thinking of revamping your look this year, don’t just stop at your clothes because accessories can make or break your outfit. 2018 is going to see an onslaught of new trends as well as a few classic pieces making a comeback. If you’re wondering how to keep your jewellery box up-to-date on the latest jewellery trends, here are a few pointers to keep in mind.

 1. Animal and Nature-Inspired Motifs

2018 is going to see the beauty of the natural world replicated in jewellery. It isn’t just natural symbols like leaves and floral patterns that will be seen this year, but also bold animal motifs. While floral symbols are traditionally associated with soft, elegant femininity, animal motifs can bring out your rebellious, edgy side. Whatever your personal style statement may be, there’s a unique way to showcase it with jewellery inspired by nature. Explore the Tessera collection by Gehna to discover remarkable pieces of jewellery that reflect the natural beauty all around us. These Beehive Garnet Earrings are perfectly on trend for this season and will help you stand out.

2. Classic Geometric Brooches


Brooches are no longer going to gather dust in your grandmother’s jewellery box. These classic pieces of jewellery are seeing a comeback this year, appearing on Spring/Summer 2018 runways. Brooches are beautiful classic style statements, but you can add a dash of modernity by choosing geometric ones. With sharp edges and clean lines, geometric brooches are all set to become a jewellery staple in 2018. Pin them over a power blazer or a delicate shirt for a beautiful jewellery style that works for office.

 3. Stacking and Layering Accessories


While 2018 is witnessing a number of new jewellery trends emerge, some are time-tested one that are here to stay. The stacking jewellery trend isn’t going anywhere in 2018, in fact, it looks like it’s only gaining in popularity. Stacking rings is a beautiful way to dress up your fingers and can add a dash of uniqueness to your personal style. But apart from just rings, this year is going to see the stacked earring trend catch on as well. If you have always wanted to get a second (or third, or fourth!) ear piercing, this is the perfect time to do so. Layering your necklaces with a tasteful mix of delicate and heavy pieces is also going to become more popular. With these trends dominating in 2018, this year looks like it’s going to be the year where more is always better.

 4. Upgraded Pearl Jewellery

 Gold Pearl Chain

While pearls are the ultimate symbol of timeless elegance, they weren’t considered the most trendy. However, all of that is going to change now. This year, bring your pearls into 2018 by adding modern twists to your pearl jewellery. One of the easiest ways to do this is by adding a pendant to your pearl necklace. A simple yet striking pendant can immediately make your pearls look contemporary and on trend. You can also mix pearls with other stones for an unexpected twist. These Pearl and Turquoise Hook Earrings are the perfect balance of elegance and vibrance. If you want to get really creative with pearls, switch out your boring regular buttons for some faux pearls. This tiny detail is the perfect way to add a stylish flair to your formals.

5. Minimalist Fluid Lines


2018 is going to witness a departure from complicated patterns and flourishes for more simplistic patterns. Minimalist jewellery is going to be big this year, with fluid, uncomplicated lines taking center stage. This jewellery trend is extremely versatile and works just as well in the office as it does at a dinner party. If you like jewellery that says the most with the least, this is one trend that you definitely need to explore in 2018. This Yellow Gold Minimalist Nosepin is the perfect addition to every minimalist fashionista’s jewellery box.

6. Trending Gemstones


2018 is likely to see a return to classic precious stones. Sapphire is going to be very popular this year, with its striking blue colour captivating jewellery lovers everywhere. Since blue and white is also going to be a very fashionable combination this year, look for sapphires set in white metal. These Sapphire, Baguette Diamond and White Gold Stacking Rings combine both of this year’s hottest trends, sapphires and stacked rings. You can also pair your sapphires with white stones like these Moonstone and Blue Sapphire Studs. 2018 is also going to see coloured gemstones becoming more popular among engagement rings. Women today are eager to customize their jewellery and showcase their personality, making coloured gemstones like rubies and emeralds perfect choices for engagement rings.

If you’re looking to start 2018 with the trendiest jewellery, Gehna is the perfect place to start your journey. With our beautiful handcrafted, customisable jewellery, every woman is certain to find her perfect accessory here.


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