Introducing the New Tessera Jewellery Collection by Gehna

Fluid free-flowing lines are the themes we most often associate with jewellery. However, this season, Gehna has decided to break the mould and marry the precision of geometry with the elegance of our jewellery. After many months of thoughtfully combining artistry with skilled craftsmanship, we are proud to introduce you to our latest collection, Tessera. Tessera is our tribute to the rhythmic geometric motifs encapsulated in the art of tessellation. Our collection features an eclectic range of earrings, bracelets, pendants and more which bring this unique geometrical pattern to life.

Our Inspiration

At Gehna, we are on a constantly evolving journey to create the most intricate, mesmerizing pieces of jewellery. To us, jewellery is more than an accessory, it’s a piece of art. We are always on the lookout for inspiration to help us in this endeavour and sometimes, we find it in the most unexpected of places. Tessellation is a special pattern that’s created when a shape is repeated over and over again. The word might sound new to you, but look around you; it’s everywhere. Right from honeycombs to snakeskin to leopard fur, tessellation is all around us in nature.

The geometrical patterns of tessellation are also in keeping with the emergence of geometric designs in jewellery trends. The sharp angles of geometric jewellery are in complete contrast with the way jewellery has been designed for centuries. But this is exactly what makes geometric jewellery so refreshingly modern. Geometric jewellery is elegant, straightforward and unfussy. What better way to reflect the modern day woman? One of the strongest reasons why geometric jewellery is growing in popularity today is because it’s so versatile. For a woman on the move, clean, minimalist geometric patterns are the perfect accessory because they move effortlessly from a daytime to a nighttime look.

Our Collection

The Tessera collection by Gehna is one of our most intricate, unique collections yet. Drawing inspiration from tessellation, we have played around with the concept in the shapes and designs of our jewellery, leading to the creation of something truly exquisite. To break the repeated pattern of tessellation, we have also embraced floral and paisley motifs in our design. These elements disrupt the predictability of tessellation, adding a dash of the unexpected in our jewellery. Beautiful gemstones embedded in lightweight sterling silver also add a touch of glamour to the Tessera collection. The collection includes delicate bracelets, bangles, earrings and elegant pendants that are waiting to be added to your jewellery box.

Our Top Picks

While every piece in the Tessera collection is strikingly beautiful, there are a few we believe deserve a special mention. These pieces are some of the most exquisite encapsulations of what the Tessera collection stands for.

Beehive Garnet Earrings

Our Beehive Garnet Sterling Silver earrings are inspired by the unique honeycomb patterns found in every beehive. The perfect geometrical precision of these beehives is replicated in these beautiful dangle earrings. The golden amber colour of molten honey is mimicked in the gold finish of the sterling silver. Little drops of honey collected in the centre of these beehive earrings in the form of beautiful garnets which dot these earrings.

Fascicle Silver Studs

These Fascicle Sterling Silverstuds combine two of the biggest trends this season: geometric patterns and rose gold. The natural chaos of leaves is echoed in the arrangement of identical leaf shapes in these earrings. These studs are the perfect accessory if you want a touch of understated elegance to elevate your outfit.

Crochet Blue Topaz and Peridot Bracelet

This stunning Crochet Blue Topaz and Peridotbracelet is every bit as delicate as intricately crocheted lace. Gleaming sterling silver is manipulated into striking motifs that are accentuated by sparkling blue topaz and peridot stones embedded in them. This bracelet also comes with matching earrings and a pendant that are certain to become treasured pieces in any woman’s jewellery collection.

Yin Yang Cuff-Type Bangle

Reflect the balance of the feminine and masculine energies in this elegant Yin Yang sterling silver cuff-type bangle. Crafted with the twin principles of symmetry and tessellation in mind, this bangle is the ultimate jewellery staple. From a corporate meeting to a lunch out with friends, this bangle is the perfect accessory for any occasion.

 Radial Amethyst Pendant

Reminiscent of the spoked wheel, our Radial Amethyst Sterling Silver Pendant is a special, uniquely designed piece from our collection. Radial spokes emanate from a sparkling amethyst center, making it simultaneously simple and elegant. This pendant is perfect for everyday wear and can instantly elevate even the most simple outfit.

Immerse yourself in our latest collection to find the most exquisite, unique pieces of jewellery you will adore for many years to come. Explore our entire Tessera collection to find stunning creations intricately crafted by our skilled artists.


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