5 Necklace Design You Should Check out This Wedding Season

Every girl dreams of a fairytale wedding in which she is a regal bride, wearing that quintessential bridal gold necklace around her neck, striking the perfect balance between elegance and sophistication. At Gehna, we customise your jewellery according to your taste and deliver handmade wedding trousseau with exquisite stones which dreams are made up of. This wedding season, be an exemplary bride by choosing from our intricate and graceful diamond necklace designs.

The Diamond Necklace

As dignified as the name sounds, this necklace is an ornament which can be passed down through many generations as a family legacy. Hand-crafted as per your preference, this remarkable diamond necklace design stars brilliant cut diamonds in a contemporary indo-western pattern. Modern and elegant in every way, this unique composition gives the illusion of a series of intricate leaf-design motifs, making this necklace legendary enough to mark a statement on its own. Pair this masterpiece with our art deco diamond studs to add more sparkle to your evening.

Diamond Necklace Designs

The Bridal Meenakari Necklace

Bring back nostalgic charm this wedding season by flaunting the magnificent Bridal Meenakari Necklace. Its elegantly assembled traditional design is sure to make you look and feel like a retro goddess. This gorgeous 22 karat necklace set is embedded with a distinctive Meenakari design which creates a striking contrast against the delicate drops of gold dangling below. You can also indulge in our alternative design of traditional Meenakari Paisley Necklace set to guarantee all eyes are on you during your big day!

Handmade Bridal Meenakari Necklace

The Traditional Temple Necklace

This quintessential jewellery of a traditional south Indian bride is inspired by the ornaments used to bedeck gods and goddesses during the reign of the Chola dynasty. Be a south Indian enchantress with the intricate traditional motif design of dazzling clear cut diamonds, scintillating rubies and splendid emeralds embedded in pure yellow gold, which keeps you devoted to your conservative roots. The colossal nature of this custom made necklace strikes a stunning contrast on the simple and muted south Indian bridal saree. Pair this spectacular piece with our custom-made traditional temple jumkas and relish the spotlight like a monarchical queen.

Traditional Ruby Necklace

The Vintage Kundan Necklace

This colossal necklace from Gehna’s private collection is a royal masterpiece. The vintage Kundan necklace adds drama and poise to every bride’s jewellery box with intricate uncut diamonds, rubies and emeralds set in traditional and timeless Kundan style. The heavy duty necklace immediately transports you to ancient India giving you the feeling of being a powerful and fearless regal empress. 

Vintage Kundan Necklace Set

The Intricate Filigree Necklace

The elegant and elaborate filigree work done on our bridal filigree necklace gives a modern yet timeless look on every bride. The twisted wires of luxurious 22 karat gold intertwined in a perplex maze of contemporary paisley shapes with striking drops of ruby makes the necklace light-weighted and wearable for other occasions too. Pair this stunning piece with sensational filigree gold jhumkis or indulge in our alternative intricate filigree necklace design to be an à la mode bride.

Intricate Filigree Necklace

You can go through our handy guide ofpoints to keep in mind while buying jewellery. You can also get inspired from these breathtaking designs and let us custom make your jewellery for you because each bride deserves something exclusive. There are many benefits in choosing handmade products, the most rewarding one being its uniqueness. Customise your jewellery with us and express your attitude with your gems on your wedding day.


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