5 Easy Ways to Identify a Real Diamond

A real diamond is a stellar masterpiece. It is a work of art which is guaranteed to leave you spellbound. It’s brilliant cut and dazzling shine makes it the monarch of all gems. However, differentiating a real diamond from a fake one is a herculean task which involves a lot of finesse and eye for detail. Read on to know the five easy ways to identify a real diamond before you take it to a professional gemologist for the final verdict.

Magnification Test

A natural diamond is imperfect. The irregular shape and supernatural shine of a real diamond will assure you that it has been discovered from a mine and not artificially made in a lab. Use a jeweler’s loupe or a microscope to examine this regal gem. Look for beautiful imperfections, complemented with sharp edges, which make this brilliant rock stand out from the others. A real diamond also has clear-cut facet lines possessing single refractivity. There is nothing natural about a perfectly shaped diamond with rounded edges and scattered facet lines. Additionally, examine the metal on which the starry stone is mounted. A real diamond will always be mounted on pure gold or platinum, and not on gold-plated casting, as a brilliant stone only deserves an equally brilliant metal.

Sandpaper Test

A real diamond is void of scratches and abrasions, giving out a clear-cut brilliant shine as it scatters light falling on its smooth glossy-finished edges. To guarantee the authenticity of a real diamond, scratch it with a rough piece of sandpaper. Since diamonds are one of the hardest stones in the world, the sandpaper test should not leave behind any dainty scratch on the remarkable gem. It should retain its sheer lustre, proving the fact that only a real diamond can cut another real diamond.

Reflection Test

To distinguish a real diamond from a fake one, hold it up against crisp sunlight and observe the way the sun’s rays bounce back from the stone. A real diamond will give out a brilliant grey and white dazzle with a hint of a rainbow sparkle at the edges. On the other hand, a phoney diamond will give out the rainbow hues right from the centre, without a glittering grey shine.

Fog Test

Clean the stone and expose it to a huff of warm air. Since an exquisite diamond is a good conductor of heat, it should typically not possess a layer of steam or fog. If your stone is a dupe, it will resist the heat with a prolonged layer of moisture on it.

Refraction Test

The ultimate test to check the originality of a real diamond is the refraction test. To perform this test, place the stone on a plain sheet of paper and check the image of its shadow. If it creates a dark shadow, like that of an opaque gem, then the stone is not a real diamond. An exquisite diamond gives out an enchanting shine as light scatters through its intricate facet lines and creates a geometrical shadow filled with radiance and sparkle. You will notice a clear-cut dazzling illumination of scattered light, which adds more weight to the fact that the stone in your hand is nothing less than an original.

Furthermore, there is another refraction test to justify the authenticity of this regal stone. Place your stone over a text and check if you can trace the alphabets through the stone. A real diamond will be opaque and will not magnify or contract the text. A duplicate stone, on the other hand, will be more transparent and give out hints of the text underneath.

How many ever tests you perform, it is always advisable to consult a professional gemologist to be completely sure of your diamond’s originality. A real diamond is truly unique, just like its owner. No wonder, this natural masterpiece is also commonly known as a girl’s best friend! Visit Gehna for handmade jewellery, crafted to perfection, for the princess in you.


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