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Silver Jhumkas

The silver jhumkas design possess traditional touches of style and design. They are mostly worn on occasions, festivals, and wedding ceremonies. For a long time now, the silver jhumkas earrings have been the most loved ear ornaments worn by a lot of women during festive periods. At Gehna, our silver jhumki earrings are made with our expert craftsmen with care. One would appreciate the inspiration behind these lovely designs that the craftsman realizes on every piece of silver jhumkas made.

To start with, the smaller Jhumkas are known as ‘jhumkis,’ and larger ones are called big Silver ‘jhumkas.’ Gehna silver jhumkas earrings categories have seen revolutions time passes when it comes to design and style as well as the approach of people in buying them. There is also a change in how buyers choose and purchase silver earrings online.

The popularity of the Jhumkas is something that has lasted for a long while; they are that jewelry that will make you look amazing in whatever traditional wear you choose. Studded with artfully arranged tiny Silvers and engineered to perfection, Gehna silver jewellery latest designs will wow you and leave you speechless once you wear them.