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Silver Earrings

Silver earrings looks gorgeous on women, helps to enhance their beauty and makes them look like royalty. Not necessary to look beautiful, one must wear loud jewelry, bold jewelry, or even on your face designs. Silver earrings with pearls can fit in and work the same magic –Silvers, solitaires, plain gold, or even pearls and other colored stones.

Stunning Silver earrings designs, dazzling designs, magnificent collection, superb quality of Silvers, this is what our Gehna silver stud for women collection talk of. There is nothing like a silver earring price issue with Gehna. Neither is there an issue with the design. We have practically left no stone unturned in giving the best to our Silver-loving patrons. 

Gehna has variety of Silver earrings designs online from large, to smallest ones, but because of the sparkle of the stone, they can’t be hidden even behind strands of hair. They have that sophisticated look you need in all designs. There is a design of silver earrings for every occasion and to suit every mood of women – from stunning, to fancy, to minimal, to delicate and even robust. There is definitely something for everyone here! 

Silver jewellery are priced on Gehna are affordable, and high quality is assured.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are Sterling Silver Earrings Safe?

Yes, like gold, sterling silver is always a safe choice even for sensitive years. Internationally, sterling silver earrings are made up of a high concentration (almost 93%) of silver and are therefore hypoallergenic and very safe to wear. All the silver earrings online and in our store follow these strict proportions. Whether it be silver stud earrings or long silver earrings, any jewellery made from sterling silver is safe to wear.

Can Sterling Silver Earrings be worn every day?

Yes, you can wear sterling silver earrings every day. Light, durable and always pretty silver earrings are perfect for everyday wear. Unlike pure silver, sterling silver is not easily oxidized and the best way to keep them sparkly and good as new is to wear them as often as possible. It is however recommended to avoid wearing them in chlorinated water and in touch with any chemicals.

Is Sterling Silver good for sensitive ears?

Yes, sterling silver is hypoallergenic. For those with metal allergies, the element that may cause skin irruptions in nickel. Good quality sterling silver is nickel free. Even for extremely sensitive skins, silver stud earrings, rings, pendants serve as a light, easy and affordable alternative to gold and platinum.

Do Sterling Silver Earrings tarnish?

Sterling silver earrings are made from 92.5% silver and will therefore tarnish over a long period of time. However, there are a few simple ways to increase the longevity of your favorite silver earrings. Avoid bathing or swimming with them, keep them in an airtight box or plastic pouch, wipe them with a soft cloth regularly. You can read our blog for Silver Jewelry Care Tips.