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Jewellery Care

Basic Jewellery Care Guide


Wearing Jewellery:

Don't wear your jewelry during task: While performing manual task it is advised to remove your jewelry, to prevent physical damage or exposure to harsh chemicals. Some of the common task that should be avoided while wearing jewelry includes kitchen work, gardening, cleaning of the house & other common tasks.

Put on the jewelry after make-up: Chemcials in cosmetics, perfumes, hair sprays can often damage your jewellery. Exposure to these chemicals often discolor precious metals like gold & silver and also damage the gemstones. Putting jewellery after using these materials can help reduce the potential risk of damaging your precious jewellery.

Don't wear jewelry in swimming pools and spa's: Fine jewellery should be removed before diving into chlorinated swimming pool or while in spa's. Chlorine & ammonia can often erode the metal, which may loosen the prongs & cause damage to the jewellery.

Remove jewellery before bathing: Soaps and shampoos leads to a thin film on the jewellery, which makes jewellery, appear dull & dingy. It is advised to remove your jewellery before bathing.


Cleaning Jewellery:

Cleaning jewellery using luke warm water: Gold can loose its shine & luster over a period of time, if regularly exposed to dust, moisture, perspiration and make-up. To clean the jewellery you can use professional jewellery cleaning solution & luke-warm water to rinse & clean. To dry the jewellery use a soft cloth to avoid scratches and bring out its shine.

Visit your jeweller: Just like anything else it is advised to check your jewellery periodically with your jeweler for weakness & damage. Pay particular attention to clasps, prongs (to ensure they haven't cracked, bent or loosened, which could cause the stone to fall out), bracelet & neck chain links & pins backs & earring posts are subject to wear and tear and can eventually break. Your jeweler will be able to handle these & restore your jewellery for generations to come.

Storing Jewellery:

Keeping Jewellery secure: Store your jewellery in a fabric lined jewellery box by wrapping it in a soft cloth when not being worn. This prevents the jewellery from getting tangled or scratching one another.

Prevent silver jewellery from tarnishing: A container, which is airtight, would be ideal for storing silver jewellery as it slows down the process of corrosion. Most commonly silver jewellery is often stored in zip lock bags. Silica gel, which we often find in medicines or shoes boxes, is highly useful in absorbing the moisture in the air, when kept along with your jewellery.

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