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Professional Handcrafted Jewellery – The Next Big Trend

Hand Crafted Jewellery

People the world over know just how beautiful handcrafted jewelry can be. They come in assorted colors, sizes and designs, and some would even say the range exceeds that of other types of jewelry. Professional handcrafting is an art form that goes back many decades to India’s rich royal heritage. Bringing style, elegance and sheer magnificence to jewelry are professional handcrafted pieces. Professional Handcrafted Jewelry …

Kundan Jewelry

Kundan Jewelry

The sheer beauty and magnificence of Kundan jewelry captures the eye the second someone sees it. That’s when anyone will realize why royalty relied on Kundan, especially during the Mughal era. These enchanting works of art are still made today, just as awe-inspiring as the ones that came before. The skill bestowed in the craftsmen behind these hand-made marvels is divine. History of Kundan Jewellery …