7 Exquisite Pieces of Jewellery to Buy This Akshaya Tritiya

Buying jewellery is an auspicious act on its own – but if you have a day especially dedicated to celebrating it, that’s a two-for-one deal! India is a land of many festivals, and all of them are deep-rooted in culture and religion. Akshaya Tritiya is one such festival which is touted as a holy day for Jains and Hindus to buy gold jewellery. It occurs on the third lunar day in the month of Vaisakha. This year, Akshaya Tritiya will be celebrated on April 18.

While heading out to buy gold jewellery, most of us are prepared with an impromptu checklist to get the best deal. From checking the purity of gold to scrutinising the making charges, there are a multitude of things to consider before you seal the deal. However, with so many options of jewellery designs out there and so little time, which one would you pick? Listed below are few of the top jewellery trends and irresistible designs you surely need to consider while buying gold this Akshaya Tritiya:

Akshaya Tritiya

Guttapusalu Necklace

If you love traditional South Indian jewellery, then the Guttapusalu necklace is guaranteed to take your breath away. Gutta in Telugu means “a shoal of small fish”, and Pusalu means “beads”. Inspired by Nizami jewellery, this wedding necklace traditionally consists of a bunch of tiny pearls strung together, hanging from a gold chain. Adorn a piece of tradition with Gehna’s interpretation of the archetypal Guttapusulu necklace, crafted in 22k gold. This stunner has gorgeous square cut pink tourmalines set among gold accents of similar shapes to accentuate their beauty. The clusters of rice pearls are typical of this age-old choker pattern and give this necklace its exemplary beauty.



Diamond Stacking Rings

Stacked rings are one of the top jewellery trends to watch out for in 2018. However, diamond stacked rings are a whole new level of elegance and grace. Bring out your inner diva with our breath-taking diamond and 18K yellow gold stacking rings available in different shapes of solitaires. From adorable pear and oval shapes to classic cuts like princess and baguette, each delicate gold band is adorned with an exquisite diamond that effortlessly complements your muted style.


Plain Gold Filigree Jhumkis

Make heads turn with our beautifully handcrafted pair of gold filigree jhumkis. Intricately designed and made out of 18k gold, these earrings will ensure you shine brightly on every occasion. Wear them to work with an Indian ensemble or even to a grand event, their bold yet elegant appearance complements every mood with a hint of modest glamour.

Diamond Bangles

 Fuse the allure of diamonds and finesse of bangles in one ornament and you get the quintessential diamond bangle. Perfectly handcrafted diamond bangles are a staple in everyone’s jewellery box, not only for their impeccable beauty but also because of the multiple ways in which they can be worn. Adorn your wrists with these stunning and sparkling ornaments that combine flawlessness and variety in one irresistible pair.


Gold and Diamond Bangles

Nose Pin

Raw Indian beauty and a stereotypical nose pin have always gone hand-in-hand.

While it is steeped in culture, today, many girls wear nose rings as a fashion accessory. It receives most prominence during weddings and is seen adorning every Indian bride. This versatile nose ornament is found in several shapes, sizes and designs that change depending on state and occasion. If you’re looking for nose rings this Akshaya Tritiya, why not consider our vibrant emerald and ruby nose pin in 22k yellow gold? This delicate ornament is simple in design but will lend you a luxurious look and feel.

Kundan and Uncut Diamond Earring

Uncut diamond jewellery set together in traditional Kundan style is the go-to high-society ornament adorned by Bollywood celebrities and top-notch socialites. The royal aspect of Kundan jewellery, coupled with the grandeur of uncut diamonds, adds an element of poise with a dash of prestige and heritage. Get your exquisite set of Kundan and uncut diamond earrings, hand-crafted with love, at Gehna.

Kundan jewellery


Closed setting diamond pendant

Modern-day style meets old-world charm in our archetypical diamond emerald and pearl gold pendant set. Flaunt the best of both worlds with this traditional South Indian necklace adorned with contemporary motifs of brilliant diamonds set in a stunning pattern of twisted gold. The flawless emerald placed in the center, tipped off with a spectacular pearl drop, adds to its traditional appeal.

This Akshaya Tritiya, bring auspiciousness and prosperity home with some elegant and stunning gold jewellery. Gehna also has an exclusive sale for AskhayaTritiyafeaturing an exquisite range of gold and silver ornaments at irresistible deals. You can also check out our detailed blog for helpful tips to keep in mind while buying jewellery, to make the right choice. Head out to Gehna and choose from an expansive assortment of stunning jewellery today!


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