5 Things You Must Know Before You Go Jewellery Shopping for Your Big Day

Weddings and jewellery are always synonymous with each other. This is especially true in the case of Indian weddings where jewellery plays a significant role in the bridal trousseau. Whether you plan to have a grand, traditional wedding or an intimate, contemporary one, jewellery shopping for your big day can get a bit overwhelming due to the abundance of styles and patterns present in the market. Apart from quintessential designs, it is also vital to focus on the quality of the jewels, making the entire task of shopping pretty mind-boggling. Let’s take a look at the top five factors you need to consider before stepping out for bridal jewellery shopping.

Set a Budget in Mind

Weddings are when we tend to overspend. Estimate a budget in mind and try your best to stick to it. Gorgeous jewellery need not necessarily be expensive. Also, focus on investing in wearable designs which can be used on a regular basis and are versatile enough for both traditional and Indo-chic wear. Stick to your style rather than giving in to what your family and friends recommend. It is also a good option to opt for designs which can be interchanged into other styles like dainty necklaces that can be worn as a bracelet or pendants that double as maang tikkas.

To stay in budget, you can also try exchanging old gold for newer designs or redesigning family heirlooms. Whether it is antique jewellery passed down to you by your great grandmother or your mom’s favourite piece of jewellery you grew up looking at, modifying bygone jewellery is lighter on the pocket. And, it comes with that priceless expression on your mom’s face which is impossible to buy.

Check for Quality Gold

While buying gold, it is important to check the karat of gold you are investing in. A karat marking denotes the amount of the gold mixed with other metals. A higher karatage indicates a higher proportion of pure gold in the ornament.

It is also important to check if you are allergic to any of the metals present in the composition of the gold. Few brides tend to have an allergic reaction to specific metals that leads to blackening of the ornament, even if it is of premium quality.

Buy Authentic Diamonds and Stones

If you are buying diamonds, make sure you put your diamond through the 4 C’s test of cut, colour, clarity and carat. Diamonds are graded and priced based on these factors. You can even perform a fog test or sandpaper test on the diamonds to check its authenticity. To know more, check out our detailed blog on how to identify a real diamond.

As far as gemstones are concerned, opt for faceted gemstones that give out a brilliant shine under light. Stay wary of lab-made stones. These artificially generated stones are less expensive but lack in clarity and rarity when compared to natural stones. To be sure of your purchase, scrutinise the stones under a magnification glass and check for scratches and other imperfections.

It is also a good idea to ask the dealer about cleaning techniques and different factors to keep in mind to maintain the shine and brilliance of the ornament.

Try Buying Jewellery Online

Digital media has taken the world by storm, and online jewellery stores are proof to this. Instead of buying jewellery the traditional way, you can try opting for online jewellery shopping. Make sure you select guaranteed and refundable ornaments. It is always best to choose a reputed and certified jeweller to steer clear of online fraud. You can also check the reviews of the jeweller online for a hassle-free purchase. Also, ensure you go through the return policy, time of delivery and mode of refund for a smooth shopping experience.

Opt for Custom-Made Jewellery

Indian weddings are very diverse. From elegant meenakari patterns to traditional temple designs, there are a plethora of styles to choose from. With bridal jewellery being perceived as less of an investment and more of a personalised style, there has been an increased trend in custom-made jewellery, handcrafted as per the unique taste of the bride. Additionally, there is a common misconception that custom-made jewellery is more expensive. This is not true, as jewels bought off the rack are designed for huge masses with a pre-established profit margin which is not added in the case of handcrafted jewellery.

Now that you know exactly what to buy and how to buy it, head out to Gehna for breathtakingly beautiful jewellery, handcrafted to perfection, for the exquisite bride.


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