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About Us

Store Experience:

Experience the warmth of our in-store ambience and personal shopping consultants to make your shopping experience one that you will yearn for, repeatedly.

Nestled in a quiet and picturesque lane in the heart of the city, the Gehna showroom has an elegantly designed ambience with the warmth of home. Tastefully furnished with antiques and gorgeous brass bric-a-bracs, one may be sorely tempted to extend the shopping experience to the fascinating curios that are unfortunately not on sale. The decor is but a testament to the elegant taste of the founder, Mr. Sunith Samdaria, who promptly stuns his clients with his sheer camaraderie, sophistication, and expertise in jewellery.

The in-store repertoire speaks volumes on Gehna's commitment to customization and bespoke jewellery. Let not the limited, albeit stunning, collection deter you, for what Gehna specializes in is crafting your dream jewellery for you, to your requirement. Gehna also showcases a collection of ready-to-wear precious and semi-precious jewellery that exhibits a fresh marriage of the classic and contemporary styles, and could very well be your jewellery indulgences from time to time.

If the welcoming aura of the store is not irresistible on its own, the hospitality and guidance of personal shopping consultants literally sweeps clients off. From patiently showcasing the stunning stock in store, to explaining gemstone and pricing details of each piece and acting as your liaison when you finally walk in for your personal meeting with Mr. Sunith, your personal shopping assistant will never leave you disappointed.

An exquisite bespoke ornament deserves its own place of honour, a cushion of love, a box of glory. Our intricately crafted wooden box is representative of the beauty it contains. A mansion worthy of your riches, Gehna promises sophistication even in its packaging.


Collaborate with us like never before to ensure that your personalized and customized jewellery meets every design requirement and choice you specify.

Bespoke Bridal

Enter the world of stunning bespoke bridal jewellery and honour us with the opportunity to make your wedding even more special than it already is.

Our story

Know more about Gehna, its founder, its dreams, its aspirations. You've given us the opportunity to know you, welcome to our side of the Gehna story.

Gehna has been a pioneer in offering jewellery personalisation services to the discerning connoisseurs of fine jewellery, while patronizing the culture for bespoke items.

Gehna, the very first jewellery boutique of its kind in Chennai, is the brainchild of Mr.Sunith Samdaria, an expert in diamond grading and jewellery making for over 30 years. His passion for the finer things in life was kindled at a very young age, and he identified with the cosmopolitan culture. His fervor includes owning one-of-a-kind pieces of art, from furniture to art and artefacts, to items of clothing, and to precious jewellery as well. He established Gehna, in a quaint and elegant boutique in a bungalow in Chennai in 1996, and has never looked back.

Mr.Sunith's hospitality and warmth is extended to clients who visit Gehna, even if just for a cup of coffee. His amicable demeanour is not the only highlight of Gehna;, the focus is on 'you', from the moment you step inside the store. The Gehna team, with its exceptionally qualified and experienced designers, is more than happy to listen to your ideas, discuss your style preferences, and then start on your very own, unique piece of jewellery for your special occasion. Mr.Sunith, who ensures that only the best gemstones are chosen, personally develops the ornament and with the aid of skilled craftsmen, metamorphoses them into finely finished pieces of art. His involvement in bringing jewellery to life through various stages is not just his passion, but his personal promise of quality.

In his own words, "It's no accident that I have spent thirty years in the jewellery trade, working my way through the most intense learning experiences, from grading, cutting, and polishing diamonds to eventually overseeing the designing, crafting and finishing of jewellery, to the most exacting standards of perfection.

Within each gem burns a fire nothing can extinguish. It is this fire that seeks us out and draws us to enhance its beauty and convert it into expressions of individuality and style. Perhaps this is why jewellery is created to endure, through changing fashions, to be passed on from generation to generation, a legacy of unmatched beauty.

I give to each piece of Gehna jewellery, not just my passion for my work, but my personal guarantee of quality. If you haven't experienced Gehna, please consider this my personal invitation to do so."

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Eager to meet us, talk to us, and experience the world of Gehna? We assure you that we are just as excited to welcome you to our family.

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